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Tasmanian Goldfields

Gold in Tasmania:

Tasmania is not as well known for its gold production as some of the larger Australian States, the first payable gold discovery in Tasmania was made at Tullochgoram, near Fingal in the State's east, in February 1852. The find attracted about 200 men to the area, but it did not live up to expectations and was eventually abandoned.

None the less, for its area Tasmania has made a sizeable contribution to the country’s gold production, with approximately 61 tons of recovered gold being recorded up to the late 1920’s, and in more recent times, reef mining at Beaconsfield and Lefroy has continued to produce payable gold.

Most of Tasmanias alluvial gold has been found on the North-East of the island at Mathinna, Mangana, Alberton and Warrentinna. Small alluvial nuggets have been found in both Savage River and around Lisle. The small town of Savage River Located 62km south-west of Waratah on the Pieman River was first settled in 1881, and was once a booming gold-mining town with a population of 2,500 which was spread over an area of some eight square kilometres. The township occupied both sides of the river and was connected by a barge service. The largest gold nugget ever found in Tasmania weighed over 243 ounces was found at nearby Rocky River in 1883

The following listing is of some of the areas where gold has been found in the years gone by, including many where gold may still be found to this day by using modern prospecting equipment and methods.


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Alberton goldfield
Beaconsfield goldfield
Cabbage Tree Hill goldfield
Cam River goldfield
Cooneys Creek goldfield
Corinna Goldfields
Corinna, Savage River goldfield
Cygnet goldfield
Doctors Rock goldfield
Fingal goldfield
Flanigans Creek goldfield
Forester Goldfields
Garfield River goldfield
Gladstone goldfield
Golden Ridge goldfield
Hellyer River goldfield
Henrys Creek goldfield
Inglis River goldfield
Iron Blow goldfield
Jims Plains goldfield
Lefroy - Lisle goldfield
Linda goldfields
Lyndhurst Goldfield
Mangana goldfield
Mathena Goldfield
Mathinna goldfield
Middleton's Creek goldfield
Mt Arrowsmith goldfield
Mt Black goldfield
Mt Darwin goldfield
Mt Read goldfield
Mt River Goldfield
Mt Victoria Goldfield
Nelson Bay River goldfield
New River Goldfield
Pieman Heads goldfield
Pieman River goldfield
Queenstown goldfield
Rocky River goldfield
Roger River goldfield
Rosebery (Mount Read) goldfield
Savage River goldfield
Specimen Hill near Nine Mile Springs goldfield
Tower Hill Goldfield
Toner River goldfield
Tullochgoram goldfield
Warrentinna goldfield
West Coast, Urquhart River goldfield
White Creek goldfield



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