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Making Money from the Internet

Let us show you how to get started

First you need a Web Site
If you do not already own your own web site we can help you. Simply follow the instuctions below in items 1-3 to register your own domain name, host your new domain, and build your new web site.

What do I need to start a web site?

Yes, it is a simple and quite reasonable question and I will try and provide an equally simple answer. But first a few points of clarification:
  • A Web Site must be located on a particular type of computer called a 'server' that is connected to the Internet. (Normally provided by a web hosting service)
  • A Web Hosting Service provides and maintains Internet Server space for a great number of web sites, providing each individual web site owner with the amount of storage space required by their web site. Hosted web sites may be accessed through a simple software interface, thus allowing each site owner to easily update and manage his own web site.
  • A domain name is like an address that points to a web site hosted on a server
In other words to create a web site that is accessible to everyone on the Internet you will need a domain name, a means of creating a web site and somebody to host it. Here is an example of how all this can be easily achieved with TOSD using the excellent SiteBuilder application:

How to get started - Just three easy steps

1. Registering a Domain Name
Log on to and select 'Check' to check whether the domain name you would like is available. When you find something that is suitable select it, then click 'Next' to proceed through the registration steps. When you come to Step 6 where you are asked to enter Primary, Secondary and Other Nameservers, enter -, and respectively. At the end of the process you will be emailed a domain name certificate.

2. Setting up your hosting account
Go to
  • Click on the 'Order' button associated with the DIY Sitebuilder Hosting Account.
  • Click 'Use an existing domain' and enter your new domain name.
  • After filling out you contact details etc you will be prompted to download a Direct Debit form for completion and return. When this is received by TOSD your hosting account will be activated and you will be notified by email.
  • Included in the information you receive will be your FTP Username and Password that you will need for the next step.
3. Creating your web site using SiteBuilder
Go to
  • Click 'Start Building' , enter your Domain Name, Username and Password and then click 'Next > Step 2'.
  • Browse the templates, select one that suits your purpose and click 'Next > Step 3'
  • Enter your Company Details and select a few suitable pages. This is not critical as you will be able to add additional pages through Admin whenever you like.
  • Click 'Go > Install my web site'. This physically creates the pages of your web site and transfers them to your hosting account.
  • Your web site is now ready. Two links are available: one to enable you to visit your web site, the other to give you access to your new site's administration.
4. How to make your site earn money
After you have the basic structure in place (steps 1-3) you can then proceed to add content and revenue earning pages to your site as detailed CLICK HERE.


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