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Finders Archives Guide


The Archival links accessable from this menue item are from the original website of Finders Pty. Ltd. which has been retained by TOSD for reference information only. If you access these archives please be aware that Finders Pty. Ltd. has ceased trading, and that any goods or offers shown on this old site are archives only and are no longer available.

Finders Home:

Here we have provided a link to the original home page from which you navigate the original site.

Finders News:

This is a shortcut directly to the news pages.

Super Fix:

For those wanting further information this will take you to the files concerning Super Fix.


Here we provide a shortcut link to the original product catalogue.

Finders Forum:

Finders Forum has been in existance since Finders website was first launched on 14th. January 1997 during which time the website has been hosted on two other web host sites previous to this current web host.

Originally the software for the forum was an intregral part of Microsoft Front Page, and when it was relocated to the Second Hosting Company they had trouble relocating the large number of files that were contained in the database. The Second Hosting Company then supplied another improved software BB program to run the forum. Unfortunately during this relocation and conversion process the second host lost both the then existing forum files, and also the archived files. This meant that the only option for Finders Forum was to start anew.

A short time after Finders changed ownership the Forum went down, and many members will recall that it was down for a week or more, and during this time the Web Hosting Company was unable to resurect it, this and the fact that TOSD has it own Web Hosting facilities were the reasons that the site was again relocated.

Luckily TOSD had made a backup of the forum as it existed at the time but there were still other files that had been archived from an earlier time and they were also lost at this time, which now means that we do not have any archived Forum Files other that those currently available at the Finders Fourm site.



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