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Avoca Post Office

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Avoca is situated at the foot of the Pyrenees Ranges, a unique mountain range featuring spectacular views, picnic areas, wild-flowers, waterfalls and walking tracks.
Avoca is also an ideal base from which to explore the popular Pyrenees Wineries and Vineyards

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The first settlers in the area arrived in the 1840's to take up pastoral runs and gold was first discovered in late 1882 bringing a population of approximately 40,000 to the district.

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The original inhabitants were the aborigines with the main tribes being Jajouweroung and Wotjobaluk, however by 1871, their population in the area had dwindled.

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Avoca is great for fishing and bushwalking or you can play a leisurely game of golf, go swimming or try to strike it rich by fossicking in the old gold leads. Also nestled among the foothills of the nearby Pyrenees Ranges there are nine first class wineries for you to explore.

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Other facilities available in Avoca not listed above

Supermarket - Licensed Grocer - Butchers - Bakery - General Store - Newsagency - Milk Bar - Post Office - Gift Shops - Second Hand Shops - Hair Salon - Barber - Motor Mechanics - Petrol Supplies - Garden Supplies - Swimming Pool - Bowling Green - Tennis Courts - Golf Course - Churches - Museum - and more.

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Caravan Parks

Avoca Caravan Park


Avoca Hotel

Victoria Hotel


Avoca Motel

Pyrenees Motel

Bed & Breakfast

Avoca Villa Carlor

Mount Lonarch Gallery B&B

Rock Brook

The Avoca Heritage School

The Old Avoca Vicarage

Eating Places:

Avoca Hotel


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