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Majorca Town Hall

Majorca is a quiet and peaceful little Central Goldfields township and today very little evidence remains of the twenty five thousand miners and of those who provided supporting services for them. While the surrounding country still shows much evidence of the significance of the area's gold bearing gullies only a few buildings remain as a reminder of the towns past glory and those dauntless miners that once inhabited these goldfields in the early 1850's.


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The Old London Bank Old Goldfields Church

Majorca offers the tourist a peaceful insight into the past. Enjoy the local nature, the local history, sightseeing, horse riding, prospecting, yabbying etc.

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Eany Farm

Eating Places

The Peppercorn Tree Shop

A view from the main road of some of Majorca's old Goldfields

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The Old London Bank Building The Old Majorca general store

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Maryborough Taxi Service
Offering 24 hour service
Phone:- 03 5461 1633

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Other facilities available in Majorca not listed above

General Store incorporating - Newsagency - Milk Bar - Post Office - Tourist Information

State of Victoria Time Zone
Eastern Standard Time
1st. Saturday in April to last Saturday in October
Eastern Standard Time = UTC/GMT plus 10 hours

Daylight Saving Time
1st. Saturday in November to last Saturday in March
Eastern Daylight Saving Time = UTC/GMT plus 11 hours

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